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ETH Roadmap

We summarised the ETHEREUM ROADMAP so you don’t have to read it or try to understand it. THE MERGE – Move from PoW to PoS

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MEV Bots

Heard of flash bots for the traditional markets? Well, web3 has its own version and it’s not as sinister as you may think. They’re called

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ETH PoS Energy Consumption

Crypto’s top 2 currencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) have been constantly criticised due to their energy consumption over the years. On the 15th of September 2022,

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Introduction to NFTs

NFTs have been a raging topic for the past two years, taking the collectable market by storm. However, despite its fame, a lot of people

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web2 vs web3

This article examines the key differences between web2 and web3 and explores how the dynamic of user-generated content is shifting. To truly understand these relatively

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Longevity in Web3

NFT Project Longevity: As we all are aware, web3 technologies are relatively new and are still evolving as we type. Even with regard to marketing

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