about us

We offer a comprehensive suite of AI and Web3 meticulously customised to address your business’s unique pain points, enabling you to achieve your objectives and reach new heights of success.

Our story

The founder of WebTree has always been fascinated by the power of technology with artificial intelligence being something that holds great interest. The focus was always on the potential to transform businesses. During his journey in the tech space, Taylor witnessed the rapid evolution of AI technologies and the impact they had on both small native indie brands and major corporations.

Amidst the excitement over the past few years in AI, many businesses jumped onto the bandwagon without fully understanding its capabilities or how to implement it effectively.

Consequently, Taylor observed numerous examples of companies struggling to harness the true potential of AI, often falling short of their goals. This inspired him to assemble a team of like-minded enthusiasts to form WebTree, dedicated to guiding businesses on their AI-driven journey.

By offering customised solutions and educating brands on what’s possible, WebTree aims to revolutionise the way businesses operate, ensuring they reap the full benefits of AI technology while avoiding the pitfalls of misguided implementation.

our values


Without support from others, building a community and creating products people truly want is extremely difficult. We encourage and endorse collaborations to further facilitate brand growth.


Creating solutions that ensure your existing business operations can be enhanced with less resources.


We understand how the existing AI systems work and are constantly discovering new technologies to power brands.

Community driven

Community is everything. This needs no explanation. We guide you through the process of doing so successfully.

meet our team

Taylor munroe

Founder & Senior Solutions Creator - Marketing and Product Design

Taylor is obsessed with providing true value to brands and communities. The product, service and delivery are the most important factors which Taylor believes in perfecting. He has over 2 years of experience, from creating a successful startup himself to helping other brands become more efficient. To complement this, his expertise in International Business has educated him the ways in which firms can scale these new technologies.

andrew elias

Idea Creation and Product Design

Since graduating as a Mechanical Engineer and pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability Engineering, Andrew has been actively analysing trends in technology and has been involved in several startups and businesses. This allowed him to build profound experience in business development, mainly from a strategy and operations standpoint. His presence in the team sparks continuous motivational energy and innovation.

Simone bailey

Client Relations, Account Management and Content Analyst

Simone excels in Client Relations, Account Management, and Content Analysis at Webtree. She ensures that emails, blogs, and social media packages are clear, coherent, and aligned with brand goals, adding a crucial human touch. Proactive in client engagement, Simone schedules regular catch-up meetings to review performance and ensure client satisfaction, serving as a vital link between our technology and our clients’ needs

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